“25 Kutipan Terbaik dari Zlatan Ibrahimovic yang Teratas dalam Peringkat!”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the retired professional footballer, is known for his outspoken and controversial remarks. He has recently retired at the age of 41 but is expected to continue making headlines with his comments. Ibrahimovic has referred to himself as a “God,” and his quotes are mostly self-centred. Some of his best quotes include his declaration of perfection, his unique playing style, and his return from injury like a lion. His engagement to his now-wife was also a subject of his famous quote, where he said she got “Zlatan” as a present. Ibrahimovic shocked LA Galaxy fans with his exit tweet, telling them to go back to watching baseball. He has also been involved in some physical altercations, including a training-ground bust-up with Oguchi Onyewu and a dressing room incident with Mido.

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