12 Transfer Gratis yang Mengecewakan dan Gagal Memenuhi Harapan

The article discusses the concept that just because something is free, it doesn’t mean it’s good value. It specifically focuses on free transfers in professional football (soccer) and highlights examples of players who were signed on free transfers but did not provide good value for their respective clubs.

The first player mentioned is Winston Bogarde, who transferred from Barcelona to Chelsea in 2000. Despite his previous success with top clubs like Ajax, Milan, and Barcelona, Bogarde played only nine games for Chelsea and remained with the club for four years, earning a high salary while not contributing much on the field.

Mark Bosnich is another player mentioned, who transferred from Manchester United to Chelsea in 2001. After just 11 appearances, Bosnich was sacked by Chelsea for failing a drugs test, which he claimed was due to his drink being spiked.

Arnau Riera is highlighted as a player who transferred from Barcelona to Sunderland in 2006 but played only one game for the club before being released in 2009.

Ian Rush, a Liverpool legend, transferred to Leeds in 1996 but only scored three goals in 43 appearances before moving to Newcastle.

Joe Cole’s transfer from Chelsea to Liverpool in 2010 was also seen as a poor value, as he struggled with injuries and was sent on loan to Lille just 13 months after joining.

Jose Bosingwa’s transfer from Chelsea to QPR in 2012 was considered disastrous, as he showed a lack of commitment and professionalism during QPR’s relegation battle.

Michael Owen’s move from Manchester United to Stoke in 2012 did not go well, as he struggled with injuries and failed to displace Peter Crouch in the starting lineup.

Robert Pires returned to English football with Aston Villa in 2010 but failed to make much of an impression in his nine Premier League appearances.

Nicolas Anelka’s move to West Brom in 2013 ended in controversy when he performed a gesture with anti-Semitic connotations during a goal celebration. He was subsequently banned and fined by the FA and never played for the club again.

Victor Valdes joined Manchester United in 2015 after leaving Barcelona but only made two appearances before being banished from the club for refusing to play in a reserve match.

Owen Hargreaves, who had a successful career with Bayern Munich and Manchester United, joined Manchester City in 2011 but struggled with fitness issues and played just four games for the club.

Overall, the article highlights the potential risks and drawbacks of signing players on free transfers, emphasizing that clubs should not solely focus on the cost aspect but also consider the value and contribution a player can bring to the team.

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