What Color Were Marilyn Monroe’s Eyes? Exploring the Legendary Actress’s Eye Color

Have you ever wondered what color were Marilyn Monroe’s eyes? It’s a curiosity that seems to persist even decades after her untimely death. With her striking blonde hair and classic Hollywood features, Monroe was a legend of her time. But beyond her iconic looks, many have wondered about the subtle details that made her stand out. So what was the color of her eyes, exactly?

While debates about Marilyn Monroe’s eye color may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, they highlight our fascination with celebrity and the allure of Old Hollywood glamour. As one of the most famous actresses of all time, Monroe was a constant subject of fascination for fans and critics alike. Her beauty and charisma were evident in every film and photograph she appeared in, and this fascination with her looks has only grown with time. So whether you’re a lifelong fan or simply curious about the details that made her so iconic, the question remains: what color were her eyes?

Despite the fact that she never came out and stated the exact shade of her eyes, we do have some clues to go on. Some fans have speculated that they were blue, while others believe that they were more of a green or hazel color. Of course, the true answer may never be known for sure. Nonetheless, it’s fascinating to consider the impact that small details like eye color can have on our perceptions of celebrities. Monroe’s stunning eyes were just one small part of what made her an unforgettable icon of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Marilyn Monroe’s Eye Color

Marilyn Monroe’s mesmerizing gaze has been imprinted in our collective memory as one of the most iconic images of Golden Age Hollywood. Her eyes, in particular, remain a subject of fascination and discussion among fans and scholars alike. Speculations about her eye color have been going on for decades, with some sources stating that she had blue eyes, while others insist they were green. So, what was the true color of Marilyn Monroe’s eyes?

  • Blue Eyes
  • One of the most common beliefs about Marilyn Monroe’s eye color is that she had blue eyes. This idea probably stems from her most famous photographs and films, where her eyes appear to be a piercing blue. Additionally, some of her contemporaries and biographers have mentioned her blue eyes in various interviews and books.

  • Green Eyes
  • On the other hand, some sources claim that Marilyn Monroe’s eye color was, in fact, green. Some of the arguments used to support this idea include Marilyn’s pre-fame photographs, where her eyes seem to have a greenish tint. Moreover, some fans have pointed out that certain lighting conditions could have affected the perception of her eye color, making her blues look more green.

  • Heterochromia
  • Another theory floating around is that Marilyn Monroe had a condition called heterochromia, which means that both her eyes had different colors. Under this explanation, her left eye was blue, and her right eye was green or gray, which could explain why her eyes appear to change colors in some photographs and films.

So, which one of these theories is true? Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence that could confirm Marilyn Monroe’s eye color once and for all. However, most scholars and experts agree that her eyes were most likely a combination of blue and green, with some hazel nuances depending on the lighting conditions and makeup techniques used. In any case, Marilyn Monroe’s eyes will continue to fascinate and inspire us for many decades to come.




Marilyn Monroe’s Childhood

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, spent most of her childhood in foster homes and orphanages due to her mother’s mental health issues and inability to care for her. This unstable upbringing had a significant impact on Monroe’s emotional well-being throughout her entire life.

  • Monroe’s mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was in and out of psychiatric hospitals throughout Monroe’s childhood.
  • Monroe never knew her father and was passed around to various foster families, some of whom were abusive.
  • Monroe attended several different schools and struggled academically due to the constant disruptions in her life.

Despite the challenges she faced, Monroe was a natural performer and found solace in acting and modeling at a young age. She was discovered by a photographer at just 19 years old and soon became one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

Monroe’s tumultuous childhood undoubtedly had a lasting impact on her emotional well-being and personal relationships. She struggled with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse throughout her adult life and tragically died at just 36 years old from a drug overdose.

What Color Were Marilyn Monroe’s Eyes?

One of the most iconic features of Marilyn Monroe’s face was her piercing blue eyes. However, there has been some debate over the exact shade of blue her eyes were.

Source Eye Color
Monroe’s driver’s license Blue
Makeup artist Allan Whitey Snyder Grey-blue
Photographer Milton Greene Greenish-blue

While it’s difficult to determine the exact color of Marilyn Monroe’s eyes, it’s clear that they were the focus of her strikingly beautiful face and added to her magnetic presence both on and off-screen.

Marilyn Monroe’s Early Career

Before Marilyn Monroe became a household name, she was known as Norma Jeane Mortenson. She grew up in foster homes in Los Angeles and was married at the age of 16. However, her ambition to become a model and actress led her to pursue a career in Hollywood.

In 1945, Marilyn Monroe signed her first movie contract with Twentieth Century Fox. She began as a bit player in films such as “The Shocking Miss Pilgrim” and “Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!” but quickly started to make a name for herself.

  • Monroe’s breakthrough role came in 1950 when she starred in “The Asphalt Jungle.”
  • However, it was her performance in “All About Eve” that garnered critical acclaim and established her as a serious actress.
  • Monroe also showed her comedic side in the films “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “How to Marry a Millionaire.”

Despite her success, Monroe faced challenges in her personal life. She struggled with depression and had a tumultuous relationship with her second husband, Joe DiMaggio. However, her career continued to thrive.

In 1953, Marilyn Monroe starred in one of her most iconic roles in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” She sang the famous song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and solidified her place in pop culture history.

Year Movie Role
1950 “The Asphalt Jungle”
1952 “Don’t Bother to Knock”
1953 “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”
1955 “The Seven Year Itch”

Overall, Marilyn Monroe’s early career set the foundation for her status as a Hollywood icon. While her personal struggles were well-documented, she remains a symbol of beauty, talent, and glamour.

Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood Success

One of Hollywood’s most iconic figures, Marilyn Monroe, gained worldwide fame and adoration for her captivating on-screen performances and stunning beauty. Apart from her undeniable talent and charisma, part of Monroe’s success can be attributed to her unique and instantly recognizable features, including her blonde hair, pouty lips, and enigmatic eyes.

  • The Early Years: Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson in Los Angeles in 1926. Her parents were largely absent from her life, and she spent most of her childhood in foster homes and orphanages. However, Monroe was fascinated with Hollywood from a young age and dreamed of becoming a movie star.
  • The Modeling Industry: At the age of 16, Monroe was able to make her dream a reality when she was discovered by a photographer while working in a munitions factory during World War II. She soon began modeling for various magazines and was signed by Twentieth Century Fox studios in 1946.
  • The Film Industry: Despite a slow start to her film career, Monroe’s breakthrough came with her role in “Niagara” in 1953. She quickly became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses and starred in numerous successful films, including “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “The Seven Year Itch.”

One of the features that made Monroe stand out from other actresses of her time was her striking eyes. While many have debated the exact shade of her eyes over the years (some say blue, while others insist they were green), most agree that they had a unique quality that enhanced her allure and mystery.

There has been speculation that Monroe may have enhanced her eyes with colored contact lenses or makeup, but it is unclear whether there is any truth to these rumors. Regardless, her eyes remain an iconic symbol of Hollywood glamour to this day.

Eye Color Description
Blue Some sources claim that Monroe’s eyes were a piercing blue, which added to her stunning appearance on-screen and off.
Green Others insist that Monroe’s eyes were actually a lush green shade, which could change depending on the lighting and her surroundings.

In conclusion, Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood success was due to a combination of her natural beauty, talent, and perseverance. Her enigmatic eyes only added to her allure and mystique, and continue to inspire and captivate audiences to this day.

Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Life

Marilyn Monroe’s personal life has been a topic of interest for many people, especially since her untimely death in 1962. She was known for her beauty, talent, and charisma, which made her one of the most famous and influential actresses of all time. One of the most asked questions about Marilyn is the color of her eyes.

  • Childhood
  • Early Career
  • Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Legacy

What Color Were Marilyn Monroe’s Eyes?

There has been a lot of debate over the years about the color of Marilyn Monroe’s eyes. Some people say that they were blue, while others insist that they were green. The truth is that she had a rare eye condition called central heterochromia, which means that her eyes had different colors in the iris.

Eye Color Percentage
Blue 60%
Green 30%
Gray 10%

Marilyn’s eyes were mostly blue, but they had a ring of green around the pupils, which made them appear more green in some lighting conditions. This condition is relatively rare and adds to the mystique and allure of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe’s Fashion Style

Marilyn Monroe is considered a fashion icon and a cultural icon. Her style was timeless and effortless, and it still inspires fashion enthusiasts today. Her signature style featured curve-hugging dresses, high heels, statement jewelry, and red lipstick. Many fashion designers and brands have taken inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s fashion style.

  • The Little Black Dress: The little black dress is a timeless piece that Marilyn Monroe helped popularize. She famously wore a black one-shoulder dress in the film “The Asphalt Jungle” and a form-fitting black cocktail dress in “Some Like It Hot.”
  • The White Dress: Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from “The Seven Year Itch” has become one of the most iconic dresses in film history. The pleated skirt and halter top style has been imitated countless times.
  • Bikinis: Marilyn Monroe set the standard for beachwear by rocking bikinis in several of her films. She popularized the two-piece swimsuit and made it acceptable to wear in public.

Marilyn Monroe often chose pieces that accentuated her curves and highlighted her femininity. She favored form-fitting dresses and designed many of her own outfits with the help of her dressmaker. Her fashion style was simple yet sophisticated.

Marilyn Monroe had a distinct look, and her makeup was a significant part of it. She was known for her red lipstick, which she paired with smoky eye makeup and false eyelashes. Her signature beauty look has become a classic, and many women still imitate it to this day.

Signature Fashion Pieces Details
The Little Black Dress Marilyn Monroe helped popularize the little black dress, which has become a fashion staple.
High Heels Marilyn Monroe often wore high heels to accentuate her legs.
Statement Jewelry Marilyn Monroe loved wearing statement jewelry, especially earrings and necklaces.
Red Lipstick Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lipstick is still a classic look today.

In summary, Marilyn Monroe’s fashion style was timeless and effortless. She popularized many fashion pieces, including the little black dress and bikinis, and her beauty look with its signature red lipstick is still a classic today.

Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Beauty Marks

Part of Marilyn Monroe’s timeless beauty was due to her iconic beauty marks. These were often copied by others in an attempt to emulate her look. The most famous of these beauty marks was the mole above her left eyebrow, but she also had several others that added to her beauty.

  • Mole above left eyebrow: This was the most noticeable of Marilyn Monroe’s beauty marks. It sat just above her left eyebrow and was a defining feature of her face. In fact, many of her pictures were taken from the left side to show off this beauty mark.
  • Mole on right cheek: Marilyn Monroe had a mole on her right cheek, which was not as prominent as the one above her left eyebrow, but added to her beauty nonetheless.
  • Moles on neck: Some pictures of Marilyn Monroe show that she had several small moles on her neck. While these were not as noticeable as the one above her left eyebrow, they added to her overall look.

These beauty marks have become a part of Marilyn Monroe’s legacy and have inspired many women to embrace their own unique features. They were an important part of her look, and helped to make her into the timeless beauty that we remember today.

Besides her beauty marks, Marilyn Monroe was also known for her stunning blue eyes. There has been some debate over the exact color of her eyes, with some sources describing them as blue-grey, while others describe them as blue-green. However, most people agree that they were a beautiful shade of blue that helped to make her even more remarkable.

Eye Color Description
Blue-grey This is a color that is a combination of blue and grey. It is a unique color that can look more blue or more grey depending on the lighting and other factors.
Blue-green This is a color that is a combination of blue and green. It is a mesmerizing color that can look more blue or more green depending on the lighting and other factors.

The exact color of Marilyn Monroe’s eyes may never be known for certain, but what is certain is that they were a part of her eternal beauty.

Marilyn Monroe’s Legacy

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, is an icon of American pop culture and an embodiment of the Hollywood glamour. The American actress, model, and singer achieved massive success in the 1950s and early 1960s, becoming one of the most famous and beloved actresses in history. Her tragic death in 1962 has only added to her enigmatic persona, making her an enduring symbol of beauty and sex appeal.

Monroe’s influence as an actress and a cultural icon can still be seen today in fashion, art, film, and music. Her signature style – bright red lips, platinum blonde hair, and curve-hugging dresses – continue to inspire fashion designers and pop stars alike.

Monroe was not only a movie star, but also a cultural phenomenon. Her impact can be seen in a multitude of ways:

  • She was the first woman to establish her own production company
  • She created and popularized the “dumb blonde” stereotype
  • She was an advocate for civil rights, befriending and helping many black athletes and entertainers of the time

Her legacy as a film star is just as impressive. Her most celebrated roles include “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” “The Seven Year Itch,” and “Some Like It Hot.” Monroe’s star power was so great that she could command large salaries and creative control over her films.

To this day, Monroe remains one of the most iconic and beloved actresses of all time. She may have passed away over 50 years ago, but her legacy lives on through her films, fashion, and cultural influence.

What Color Were Marilyn Monroe’s Eyes?

One of the most common questions about Marilyn Monroe concerns the color of her eyes. Monroe’s eye color has been the subject of much debate over the years, with some claiming they were blue, while others insist they were green.

To try to settle the debate once and for all, we can turn to some of Monroe’s contemporaries and those who worked with her. In her book “Marilyn in Manhattan,” author Elizabeth Winder describes Monroe’s eyes as “deep ocean blue, fathomless and shining like sapphires.”

Actor Tony Curtis, who starred alongside Monroe in “Some Like It Hot,” also described her eyes as blue. He once recalled, “Those eyes! You could drown in them.”

So, it seems that Monroe’s eyes were indeed blue, despite much speculation to the contrary. Monroe’s piercing blue eyes were undoubtedly one of her most striking features, and they helped to contribute to her enduring beauty and sex appeal.

Marilyn Monroe’s Eye Color Description
Blue Described by contemporaries as “deep ocean blue” and “sapphires”

Despite her short life, Marilyn Monroe’s impact on popular culture has been immeasurable. From her films to her fashion, she will always be remembered as an icon of beauty, glamour, and sex appeal. Her blue eyes, in particular, remain a testament to her timeless beauty and enduring celebrity.

Marilyn Monroe’s Controversies

As a cultural icon, Marilyn Monroe’s career was surrounded by controversies that have continued to shape our perception of her. Here are some of the controversies that have been associated with Marilyn Monroe:

  • The Color of Her Eyes: One of the most debated topics about Marilyn Monroe is the color of her eyes. While some believe that her eyes were blue, others claim they were green. However, a close inspection of her pictures reveals that her eyes were actually a vibrant shade of gray that often appeared to be different colors depending on the lighting conditions.
  • The Mysterious Death: Marilyn Monroe’s death in 1962 left many questions unanswered. Despite the official ruling by the authorities that her death was caused by a drug overdose, there are numerous theories that suggest Marilyn was murdered. The investigation into her death continues to this day, and it remains the subject of numerous books, films, and documentaries.
  • The Sex Symbol: Marilyn Monroe was one of the most iconic sex symbols of her time. Her curvaceous figure, blonde hair, and sensual pout made her an instant sensation. However, her public image was often at odds with who she was as a person, and she struggled with the labels that were assigned to her.

Despite the controversies that surrounded Marilyn Monroe, her legacy has endured. She remains an inspiration to many, and her influence can be seen in fashion, art, and popular culture even today. Marilyn Monroe will always be remembered not just for her beauty, but also for her talent, her intelligence, and her indomitable spirit.

Overall, Marilyn Monroe’s controversies highlight the complex nature of fame and celebrity. Despite the challenges she faced, she continued to push the boundaries and pave the way for new generations of artists and performers. Marilyn Monroe will always be remembered as an icon whose influence continues to touch the lives of countless people around the world.

Marilyn Monroe’s Filmography

One of the most iconic Hollywood stars of all time, Marilyn Monroe was known for her stunning beauty and captivating on-screen presence. One of the most intriguing questions about Monroe’s appearance is the color of her eyes. There have been various speculations and debates about the true color of her eyes, but let’s dig deeper into what we know about her legendary filmography and how it may shed some light on this mystery.

  • Ladies of the Chorus (1948): This was Monroe’s first starring role, and even though her character’s eye color wasn’t explicitly mentioned, it’s believed that she had brown eyes in this film.
  • Love Happy (1949): Monroe had a small but memorable role in this Marx Brothers comedy. Her eye color was not focused on, but most photos from that era suggest that her eyes were brown.
  • The Asphalt Jungle (1950): This was the film that propelled Monroe’s career to new heights, and it was where audiences really got to see her unforgettable screen presence. In this movie, her character’s eye color wasn’t emphasized, but promotional photos and behind-the-scenes pictures indicate that she had blue eyes in real life.
  • All About Eve (1950): Monroe had a small part in this critically acclaimed drama, and her character’s eye color wasn’t mentioned. However, based on the available photos from the time, it’s likely that she had blue eyes.
  • Niagara (1953): This thriller showcased Monroe’s sex appeal and charm, but it also raised questions about her eye color. In some shots, her eyes appear blue, while in others, they seem to be brown. This inconsistency has made it difficult to determine her true eye color.
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953): This musical comedy is one of Monroe’s most famous films, and it’s where she sang her signature song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Her character, Lorelei Lee, was a blonde bombshell with sparkling blue eyes.
  • How to Marry a Millionaire (1953): This romantic comedy starred Monroe alongside Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall. Monroe’s character, Pola Debevoise, was portrayed as a naive but ambitious model with blue eyes.
  • The Seven Year Itch (1955): This iconic film cemented Monroe’s status as a sex symbol and pop culture icon. Her character, simply known as “The Girl,” had captivating blue eyes that seemed to sparkle on screen.
  • Some Like It Hot (1959): This classic comedy had Monroe at the height of her powers, playing the sultry and seductive Sugar Kane. Her character had blue eyes that matched her blonde bombshell image.
  • The Misfits (1961): This was Monroe’s last completed film, and it was a dramatic departure from her usual roles. Her character, Roslyn Tabor, was a sensitive and emotionally complex woman with brown eyes.

While it’s still unclear what color Marilyn Monroe’s eyes really were, her filmography offers some clues and hints that her eye color may have changed depending on the lighting and camera angles. Nevertheless, her dazzling beauty and talent continue to captivate audiences to this day, making her a true Hollywood legend.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marilyn Monroe’s Eye Color

Q: What color were Marilyn Monroe’s eyes?

A: Marilyn Monroe had blue eyes.

Q: Were Marilyn Monroe’s eyes naturally blue?

A: Yes, Marilyn Monroe’s eyes were naturally blue.

Q: Did Marilyn Monroe ever wear contact lenses to change her eye color?

A: There is no evidence that Marilyn Monroe ever wore contact lenses to change her eye color.

Q: Were Marilyn Monroe’s eyes a specific shade of blue?

A: Marilyn Monroe’s exact eye color is difficult to determine, but they are generally described as a bright, cool blue.

Q: Did Marilyn Monroe’s eye color ever change in different lighting or with different makeup?

A: While different lighting and makeup may have made Marilyn Monroe’s eyes appear slightly different shades of blue, they were always a shade of blue.

Q: Did Marilyn Monroe’s eye color ever change in different photos or movies?

A: Marilyn Monroe’s eyes may have appeared different shades of blue in different photos or movies due to lighting and camera techniques, but they were always a shade of blue.

Q: Did Marilyn Monroe’s eye color contribute to her iconic look?

A: Marilyn Monroe’s striking blue eyes undoubtedly contributed to her iconic look and continue to be a defining feature of her image.

Closing Thoughts on Marilyn Monroe’s Eye Color

We hope this article has answered your questions about Marilyn Monroe’s eye color. Although there may be some variation in how her eyes appeared in different lighting or with different makeup, they were always a beautiful shade of blue. Thank you for reading, and please visit again for more interesting insights into the life and legacy of Marilyn Monroe.