Transforming Your Golden Blonde to Icy Blonde: A How-To Guide

Are you envious of those who possess icy blonde hair? Do you want to transform your golden blonde locks into a stunning, frosty hue? Well, fear not – because getting icy blonde hair is not as daunting as it may seem. With a few helpful tips and tricks, you can rock that stunning, silvery hair you’ve always wanted.

Transitioning from golden blonde to icy blonde requires some preparation and a little patience. Start by finding a good colorist who understands your goals and can help you choose the right shade of blonde for your skin tone. The shade will be crucial and could be anything from a soft, ash blonde to a cool platinum white. Once you have your shade decided, it’s time for the process. It will involve a few bleaching sessions to lift your hair to the right level before dying it. So, make sure to nourish and hydrate your hair well in advance.

But the most crucial step to get the perfect icy blonde you’ve been dreaming of is to maintain it correctly. Since bleach can be pretty damaging to your hair, it’s vital to protect and nourish it regularly with regular trims, deep conditioning, and even a hair mask once a week. Also, keep in mind that bleached hair tends to change color and turn brassy over time, especially when exposed to chlorine, hard water, or even the sun. So, invest in good color-protecting products and avoid these factors as much as possible to retain that gorgeous icy blonde hair.

Understanding the Basics of Hair Coloring

Before diving into the process of achieving icy blonde hair from golden blonde, it is essential to understand the basics of hair coloring. Here are some of the essential factors:

  • Hair Type: Understanding your hair type and texture is vital to determining the best coloring technique and products. Some hair types may require extra care and different coloring methods.
  • Natural Hair Color: Your natural hair color is a crucial factor in achieving the desired hair color. The natural color and tone of your hair determine what pigments need to be added or removed to achieve the desired shade.
  • Underlying Pigments: Underlying pigments refer to the natural tones that exist within the hair. These pigments can be warm or cool, which affects the final result of the hair color. In the case of icy blonde hair, cool tones need to be added to neutralize any warm underlying pigments.

Understanding these basic factors will help you choose the right products and techniques to achieve the desired result.

Factors to Consider Before Going Icy Blonde

Going from golden blonde to icy blonde can be a drastic change. Before making that decision, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Condition of your hair: Bleaching your hair to achieve an icy blonde look can be damaging to your hair. If your hair is already dry or damaged, it might not be the best idea to try this look. It’s important to make sure your hair is healthy enough to withstand the bleaching process. Consider doing a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment prior to going icy blonde.
  • Skin tone: Icy blonde looks best on people with cool, porcelain skin tones. If you have warmer skin tones, it might not look as good on you. Consider consulting with a hairstylist to determine if this look will complement your skin tone.
  • Maintenance: Going icy blonde requires a lot of maintenance. You’ll need to touch up your roots every 4-6 weeks, and you’ll need to use purple shampoo to keep the brassy tones out of your hair. If you’re not prepared to commit to the upkeep, this might not be the look for you.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to go icy blonde. If you’re still interested in pursuing this look, consider consulting with a professional hairstylist to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Choosing the Right Shade of Icy Blonde for Your Skin Tone

Going from golden blonde to icy blonde can be a big change, but it can really make your features pop and give you a chic look. The first step in this transition is to find the right shade of icy blonde that complements your skin tone. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Fair Skin: If you have fair skin, you can rock almost any shade of icy blonde, but you should aim for cooler tones like platinum and ash blonde. Gold tones can wash you out.
  • Medium Skin: If you have medium skin, try going for honey blonde or sandy blonde with cool undertones. Avoid platinum blonde or dark ash blonde as they can make your skin look dull.
  • Olive Skin: For olive skin, aim for a cool blonde with more ash undertones, like a beige or champagne blonde. Golden or honey blonde can clash with your skin tone and wash you out.
  • Dark Skin: Dark skin tones should go for a warmer blonde with honey or caramel tones. Icy blonde can look unflattering on dark skin tones and make you look washed out.

Remember that hair color is a personal preference, but choosing a shade that complements your skin tone can really make the difference in your overall look. It’s important to also consult with a professional stylist before making a big change to avoid damaging your hair or choosing an unflattering color.

Bleach Bathing – The Reversal Technique for Gold to Icy Blonde

Bleach bathing is a technique used to remove unwanted warm tones from hair that has been previously lightened. It is a gentler alternative to full-on bleaching, as it involves diluting the bleach with shampoo and other ingredients. This method is perfect for those who want to transform their golden blonde hair to an icy blonde shade.

  • How to perform a bleach bath: Mix bleach powder, developer, shampoo, and conditioner in a bowl. The ratio should be 1:2:2:1. Apply the mixture to damp hair, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. Leave the mixture on for 10-20 minutes, depending on the desired level of lightness. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  • Benefits of bleach bathing: Bleach bathing is less harsh on the hair compared to regular bleaching. It also helps to lift unwanted warm tones while leaving the hair feeling soft and moisturized.
  • Precautions: Bleach bathing must be done with caution, especially if your hair has been previously colored or chemically treated. It is recommended to do a patch test first to check for any allergic reactions. Bleach bathing can also cause damage, so it is best to use deep conditioning treatments before and after the process.

For those who want to achieve icy blonde hair from golden blonde, bleach bathing is a great reversal technique. It is essential to proceed with caution and to have realistic expectations. Consult with a professional hairstylist if you are unsure about the process.

Ingredients for bleach bath Measurements
Bleach powder 1 scoop
Developer 2 parts
Shampoo 2 parts
Conditioner 1 part

Remember to always take care of your hair by using the right products and techniques. With some patience and the right approach, you can transform your golden blonde hair to a stunning icy blonde shade.

The Balayage Technique for Gradual Hair Lightening

The Balayage technique is a popular method for achieving gradual hair lightening without the harshness of traditional foiling. In this technique, lightener is painted onto the hair in a freehand motion, creating a more natural, sun-kissed look.

  • When using the Balayage technique for icy blonde hair, it’s important to start with a golden blonde base. This will ensure that the lightener has something to work with and will prevent any unwanted brassiness.
  • The lightener should be applied in thin sections, starting from the mid-lengths and working down to the ends of the hair. As the lightener sits on the hair, it will gradually lighten the color.
  • The Balayage technique can be customized to suit any hair length or texture. For shorter hair, the lightener can be painted on in larger sections, while longer hair might benefit from finer, more precise application.

One of the benefits of using the Balayage technique for gradual hair lightening is that it’s a low-maintenance option. The hair won’t need to be touched up as frequently as it would with traditional foiling, since the gradual lightening will blend in more naturally with the regrowth.

However, it’s important to remember that the Balayage technique can be a difficult one to master. It’s recommended to seek out a professional colorist who has experience with this technique to ensure that you achieve the best results possible.

Pros Cons
– A more natural, gradual look – Requires a skilled colorist to achieve optimal results
– Low-maintenance hair color – May take multiple sessions to achieve desired result
– Customizable for any hair length or texture – Can be more expensive than traditional foiling

In conclusion, if you’re looking to achieve icy blonde hair from a golden blonde base, the Balayage technique can be a great option. Just be sure to seek out a skilled colorist who has experience with this technique, and keep in mind that it may take multiple sessions to achieve your desired result. But with patience and proper care, you can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking hair color that will turn heads wherever you go.

Toning Your Blonde Hair for an Icy Finish

Getting icy blonde hair from golden blonde requires toning your hair to remove any unwanted warmth or brassiness. Here’s what you need to know about toning:

  • Choose the right toner: To achieve an icy finish, you’ll want to use a toner with blue or violet undertones that will counteract any warm tones in your hair. Look for toners labeled “ash” or “cool” to achieve the desired effect.
  • Timing is everything: Follow the instructions on your toner carefully and do a strand test before applying it to your hair. Leaving toner on for too long can result in a purple or gray cast. The recommended timing is usually 20-30 minutes, but it can vary by product.
  • Apply toner evenly: Make sure you apply toner evenly to all sections of your hair to avoid any patchiness or unevenness. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to spread the toner through your hair, and be sure to saturate each strand completely for consistent results.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to selecting a toner, consider consulting with a professional colorist to ensure you get the best results.

When it comes to maintaining your icy blonde hair, it’s important to use toning products regularly to keep brassiness at bay. Purple shampoos and conditioners, which contain violet pigment, are a great option for keeping your color looking fresh between toning sessions.

Recommended Toning Products

Product Description
Wella Color Charm T18 A popular toner with blue-violet undertones that creates a cool, icy finish
Redken Shades EQ Gloss This demi-permanent toner comes in a variety of shades and can be customized to achieve your ideal color
Biolage Colorlast Purple Shampoo A color-correcting shampoo that neutralizes brassiness and helps maintain cool, icy tones

Remember, achieving icy blonde hair from golden blonde requires patience and careful attention to detail. With the right toner and maintenance routine, you can achieve a beautiful, cool-toned look that will turn heads!

Home Remedies for Maintaining Icy Blonde Hair

If you’re rocking a beautiful icy blonde look, the last thing you want is for it to turn yellow or brassy. Luckily, there are several home remedies to help you maintain your icy blonde locks.

  • Purple Shampoo: This is a must-have for anyone with blonde hair. Purple shampoo counteracts the yellow and brassiness in your hair and helps you maintain your cool-toned look. Use it once a week or as needed, but make sure not to overuse it, as it can dry out your hair.
  • Lemon Juice: The acid in lemon juice can help lighten your hair and remove any brassy tones. Mix a few tablespoons of lemon juice with water and apply it to your hair, leave it on for 20-30 minutes, and rinse it out. Use caution and do not use this remedy too often, as it can also dry your hair out.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: This is another acid-based solution that can help remove any buildup on your hair and restore shine. Mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar and apply it to your hair after shampooing. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it out. Use this remedy once a month, as it can be harsh on your hair.

But home remedies aren’t the only way to maintain your icy blonde look. Here are a few more tips:

1. Protect Your Hair From the Sun: UV rays can cause damage to your hair and make it turn yellow. Wear a hat or scarf when you’re outside or use a UV protectant spray on your hair.

2. Be Careful With Heat Styling: Heat styling tools can also damage your hair and make it turn yellow. Use a heat protectant spray and turn down the heat on your styling tools to prevent damage.

3. Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment: Icy blonde hair can be more prone to dryness and damage, so it’s important to use a deep conditioning treatment regularly to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

Ingredient Benefit
Coconut Oil Moisturizes and strengthens hair
Honey Locks in moisture and adds shine
Avocado Rich in fatty acids and vitamins to promote healthy hair

Overall, maintaining icy blonde hair takes some effort, but it’s definitely worth it for the stunning results. With these home remedies and tips, you can keep your cool-toned locks looking their best.

Best Hair Care Products for Icy Blonde Hair

Getting the perfect icy blonde hair color requires some effort and patience. However, with the right hair care products, you can keep your hair healthy, shiny, and vibrant. Here are some of the best hair care products for icy blonde hair.

  • Purple Shampoo – Purple shampoo is essential for maintaining your icy blonde hair color. It contains violet pigments that neutralize brassy tones and keep your hair color vibrant. Be sure to use it once or twice a week to prevent your hair from turning yellow.
  • Conditioner – A good conditioner is essential for keeping your icy blonde hair healthy and moisturized. Look for a conditioner that contains keratin, biotin, or other nourishing ingredients that help strengthen your hair and prevent breakage.
  • Leave-In Conditioner – A leave-in conditioner helps protect your hair from heat damage and keeps it looking silky and shiny. Look for a formula that contains vitamin E, argan oil, or other natural oils that help nourish and protect your hair.

If you have chemically treated hair, such as bleached or highlighted hair, you need to take extra care of it. Using too much heat or using the wrong products can cause damage and breakage. Here are some tips to keep your icy blonde hair healthy and shiny:

Avoid using hot tools, such as flat irons and curling irons, as much as possible. If you need to use them, use a heat protectant to prevent damage.

Use a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks to help moisturize and strengthen your hair.

Get regular trims to prevent split ends and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Overall, the key to maintaining your icy blonde hair color is to use the right hair care products and taking good care of your hair. With the right products and a little extra effort, you can keep your hair looking beautiful and vibrant.

Refreshing Your Icy Blonde Hair with Regular Touch-Ups

When you have achieved your desired shade of icy blonde, the next step is to maintain it with regular touch-ups. This will not only keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant, but it can also prevent damage from over-processing.

  • Plan your touch-ups based on your hair growth. If your hair grows quickly, you may need touch-ups as often as every 4-6 weeks. If your hair growth is slower, you may be able to wait up to 8 weeks between touch-ups.
  • Use a good quality toner to keep brassiness at bay. Toners, like purple shampoo, can help remove warm tones and maintain the cool, icy effect of your blonde.
  • Consider using a deep conditioning treatment before and after your touch-ups. Bleach and toner can be drying to your hair, so it’s important to keep it hydrated to prevent damage.

If you’re a DIY type, learning to do your own touch-ups can save you time and money. Here’s a quick guide:

Tools you’ll need:

Item Why It’s Important
Bleach Powder Lightens the hair to create an even base for toner.
Developer Activates the bleach powder to lighten the hair.
Toner Removes warm tones and adds cool tones to create icy blonde.
Applicator Brush For applying bleach and toner to your hair.
Gloves Protects your hands from chemicals.
Bowl For mixing bleach, developer, and toner.


  1. Section your hair into four parts.
  2. Mix the bleach powder and developer according to instructions.
  3. Apply the bleach to your roots using the applicator brush.
  4. Wait the recommended amount of time for your hair to lighten.
  5. Rinse out the bleach and shampoo your hair.
  6. Mix the toner and developer according to instructions.
  7. Apply the toner to your hair using the applicator brush.
  8. Wait the recommended amount of time for the toner to work.
  9. Rinse out the toner and condition your hair.

With regular touch-ups, the right products, and a little DIY know-how, you can keep your icy blonde hair looking fresh and fabulous!

Hairstyles that Complement Icy Blonde Hair

Changing your hair color to icy blonde can be a drastic yet exciting change. This striking hair color allows you to play with different hairstyles, giving you a new look every time you switch it up. Here are some hairstyles that complement icy blonde hair:

  • Blunt Bob: This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a chic and modern look. A blunt bob pairs well with icy blonde hair, creating a sleek and sophisticated appearance.
  • Beach Waves: Create a carefree and effortless look by styling your icy blonde hair into beach waves. This hairstyle adds texture and volume, giving you a laid-back and natural vibe.
  • Pixie Cut: Adventurous individuals can opt for a pixie cut to show off their icy blonde hair. This edgy haircut is versatile and easy to style, making it a popular choice for those who want to switch up their look often.

If you’re feeling daring, you can always try something different. Experiment with braids, updos, or even a messy bun to see what looks best with your icy blonde hair. To inject some personality into your hairstyle, accessorize with headbands, hairpins, or hats.

To keep your icy blonde hair looking its best, make sure to use hair care products designed for colored hair. These products protect your hair from damage and keep your color vibrant and shiny.

Hairstyle Best Suited For Comments
Blunt Bob Straight or slightly wavy hair Achieves a sleek and sophisticated look
Beach Waves Natural-looking and relaxed style Adds texture and volume for a carefree vibe
Pixie Cut Adventurous individuals Easy to style and can be edgy or cute

It’s essential to choose a hairstyle that complements your facial structure, hair texture, and skin tone. Consult with your hairstylist to determine which hairstyle suits you best – whether it’s a timeless classic or a trendy statement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Icy Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde

1. What is icy blonde hair?

Icy blonde hair is a very light frosty shade of blonde that has hues of a pale blue or purple – it’s almost silvery grey in some tones.

2. Can I achieve icy blonde hair if I have dark golden blonde hair?

Yes, it’s possible, but it might take a few appointments with a colorist to lighten your hair gradually.

3. Can I bleach my hair at home to achieve icy blonde hair?

Bleaching your hair at home can be damaging to your hair, and it’s not always easy to achieve the desired result. It’s best to leave this to professional colorists.

4. How often do I need to do color touch-ups?

If you want your icy blonde hair to stay fresh, it’s recommended that you visit your stylist every four to six weeks to touch up your roots.

5. Should I use purple shampoo on my icy blonde hair?

Yes, using a purple shampoo can help get rid of brassy tones and keep your icy blonde hair looking cool-toned.

6. Can I use heat styling tools on my icy blonde hair?

Yes, but it’s important to protect your hair with a heat protectant spray to reduce the risk of damage.

7. How can I maintain the health of my icy blonde hair?

Taking care of your hair with regular trims, deep conditioning treatments, and avoiding excessive heat styling can help maintain the health of your icy blonde hair.

Closing Paragraph: Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for reading our article about how to get icy blonde hair from golden blonde. We hope these FAQs have answered any questions you may have had and have helped you achieve your desired look. Don’t forget to visit your professional colorist for the best results. Good luck on your hair journey!