Can You Make French Toast with Frozen Bread? Tips and Tricks to Perfect Your Breakfast

What is French Toast?

French toast, also known as eggy bread, is a classic breakfast dish made by soaking sliced bread in a mixture of beaten eggs, milk, and spices, and then pan-frying until golden brown. The result is a deliciously indulgent meal that is crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside.

The origins of French toast can be traced back to medieval Europe, where it was known as “pain perdu,” which literally translates to “lost bread.” It was a clever way to use up stale bread by soaking it in a mixture of eggs, milk, and spices before frying it in a pan. Today, French toast is enjoyed all over the world and has become a staple breakfast dish in many households.

Why Use Frozen Bread for French Toast?

French toast is a breakfast classic that is loved by many. It’s a great way to use up old bread and turn it into something delicious. While many recipes call for fresh bread, using frozen bread can have its advantages. Here are some reasons why you should use frozen bread for French toast:

  • Frozen bread is easier to handle: When bread is frozen, it becomes firmer and easier to handle. This means that it won’t fall apart as easily when dipped in the egg mixture, and it will hold its shape better when cooking.
  • Frozen bread absorbs more liquid: When bread is frozen, it creates little pockets of air that allow it to absorb more liquid. This means that your French toast will be more moist and flavorful, as the frozen bread will soak up more of the egg mixture.
  • Frozen bread is more economical: Using frozen bread is a great way to save money, as you can buy a large loaf of bread and freeze it for future use. This means that you can make French toast whenever you want, without having to worry about whether you have fresh bread on hand.

While using frozen bread for French toast may seem unconventional, it can actually be a great way to make a delicious and economical breakfast. So the next time you have some frozen bread on hand, give it a try and see how it compares to using fresh bread.

How to Defrost Frozen Bread for French Toast?

If you want to make french toast with frozen bread, you need to defrost the bread before using it. Here are some methods to defrost the bread:

  • Refrigerator method: Take the frozen bread out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator. This method takes longer but is the safest way to defrost bread. Keep in mind that it can take several hours or even overnight to defrost thick slices of bread.
  • Counter method: Take the frozen bread out of the freezer and place it on the counter at room temperature. This method is faster than the refrigerator method but can cause the bread to dry out or become soggy if not watched carefully.
  • Toaster method: Place the frozen bread in a toaster and toast it on the defrost setting. This method is the quickest way to defrost frozen bread, but it may not work for thicker slices of bread.

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s important to watch the bread carefully to ensure it doesn’t become overcooked or dried out. Once the bread is defrosted, you can cut it into slices and soak it in your egg mixture to make delicious french toast.

Tips for Making French Toast with Frozen Bread

If you are new to cooking or just looking to expand your culinary repertoire, making French toast with frozen bread can seem a little daunting. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily turn your frozen bread into delicious and fluffy French toast. Here are some tips to help you out:

Learn How to Defrost Your Bread

  • If you plan on using frozen bread to make French toast, it’s important to know how to defrost the bread properly. You don’t want to end up with soggy or unevenly cooked French toast, after all.
  • The best way to defrost your bread is to take it out of the freezer the night before you plan on making French toast. Place it in the fridge to defrost slowly and evenly.
  • If you’re running short on time, you can defrost your bread in the microwave. Place your bread in a microwave-safe dish and microwave it on the defrost setting for 30 seconds at a time, flipping the bread over between each interval until it’s thawed.

Use the Right Egg Mixture

The egg mixture is what gives French toast its signature flavor and texture. To make the perfect mixture for frozen bread, you’ll need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon

Whisk the eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and ground cinnamon together until they are evenly mixed.

Soak Your Bread in the Mixture

Once you’ve made your egg mixture, it’s time to soak your defrosted bread in it. Dip your bread into the mixture, making sure that it’s well coated on both sides.

Be careful not to over-saturate your bread, as this can result in soggy French toast. Allow your soaked bread to sit for a minute or two so that the egg mixture has time to seep into the bread.

Cook Your French Toast Properly

The final step to making French toast with frozen bread is to cook it to perfection. Heat a non-stick skillet or griddle over medium-high heat and coat it with butter or cooking spray.

Bread Type Cooking Time
White Bread 2-3 minutes per side
Whole Wheat Bread 3-4 minutes per side
Brioche Bread 1-2 minutes per side

Cook your French toast until it’s golden brown on both sides, flipping it over once so that it cooks evenly. Once it’s done, transfer it to a plate and serve it hot with your favorite toppings.

How Long to Cook French Toast with Frozen Bread?

Making French toast with frozen bread is an easy option for those who forget to defrost their bread beforehand or want to use up their frozen bread. Before you start making your French toast, there are a few things you should know, including the cooking time needed for frozen bread. The following information will help you make the perfect French toast with frozen bread every time.

  • The cooking time for frozen bread is longer than fresh bread. It can take up to five minutes longer per side to cook.
  • The cooking time can vary depending on the thickness of your bread. Thicker slices of bread will take longer to cook.
  • Allow your frozen bread to thaw slightly at room temperature before cooking. This will help the bread cook more evenly and reduce the cooking time.

So, how long should you cook your French toast with frozen bread? The best way to determine this is to check the bread as you cook it. Use a spatula to lift the bread slightly and check for a golden brown color. Once you see a golden brown color, flip the bread to cook the other side.

To get a more accurate estimate of the cooking time for frozen bread, use a timer. Start with a cooking time of four to five minutes per side and adjust the time as needed. Remember to check the bread for a golden brown color before flipping it.

Bread Thickness Cooking Time per Side
1/2 inch thick 4-5 minutes
3/4 inch thick 5-6 minutes
1 inch thick 6-7 minutes

Remember, cooking times may vary depending on your stove and the thickness of your bread. So, be sure to keep an eye on your French toast and adjust the cooking time if needed. With these tips, you can make delicious French toast using frozen bread in no time!

How to Flavor French Toast with Frozen Bread?

Did you forget to take your bread out of the freezer in time for breakfast? No worries – you can still make delicious french toast with frozen bread! And with a few added flavors, you won’t even notice the bread was frozen.

  • Vanilla extract: Add a splash of vanilla extract to your egg mixture for a classic and delicious flavor.
  • Cinnamon sugar: Mix a tablespoon of sugar with a teaspoon of cinnamon and sprinkle it on your french toast after cooking for a sweet and spicy kick.
  • Maple syrup: Instead of using regular sugar, add a tablespoon of maple syrup to your egg mixture for a natural and sweet flavor.

If you want to get even more creative with your french toast, try out some of these flavor combinations:

  • Blueberry Lemon: Add fresh blueberries to your egg mixture and zest a lemon into it for a bright and fruity flavor.
  • Almond Joy: Mix in a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of shredded coconut to your egg mixture for a chocolate and coconut french toast.
  • Peanut Butter Banana: Spread a layer of peanut butter and sliced bananas between two slices of frozen bread before dipping in egg mixture for a hearty and tasty breakfast.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some extra flavor to your frozen bread french toast, try using flavored bread! Many grocery stores carry frozen bread varieties such as cinnamon swirl, blueberry, and even chocolate chip, making it easy to add unique flavors to your breakfast without any extra work.

Flavor Combinations Ingredients
Blueberry Lemon fresh blueberries, lemon zest
Almond Joy cocoa powder, shredded coconut
Peanut Butter Banana peanut butter, sliced banana

With these flavor ideas, you can make a delicious and flavorful breakfast using frozen bread french toast. And if you’re short on time, try using frozen bread as a shortcut for other breakfast recipes such as breakfast casseroles or baked French toast.

Variations to French Toast with Frozen Bread

French Toast is a classic breakfast dish that has been enjoyed for generations. It’s a simple recipe that can be made using just a few ingredients, including bread, eggs, milk, and sugar. While most people use fresh bread to make French Toast, it is possible to use frozen bread as well. Here are some variations to French Toast with frozen bread:

  • Use Cinnamon Raisin Bread: To add some extra flavor to your French Toast, try using cinnamon raisin bread instead of plain white bread. The cinnamon and raisins will add a sweet and spicy flavor to your toast that pairs well with the egg batter.
  • Add Nutella: For a decadent twist, spread some Nutella on your frozen bread before dipping it in the egg batter. The chocolate and hazelnut flavor will make for a rich and satisfying breakfast.
  • Make it Savory: French Toast doesn’t always have to be sweet. To make a savory version, swap out the sugar for salt and add some herbs and spices to the egg batter. Top with some bacon or sausage for a hearty breakfast meal.

If you’re looking for additional ways to spruce up your French Toast with frozen bread, consider adding some of these ingredients:

Bananas Dried Fruit Fruit Preserves
Nuts Coconut Flakes Peanut Butter
Whipped Cream Maple Syrup Apple Butter

Experiment with different combinations and find what works best for your taste buds. French Toast with frozen bread is a versatile dish that can be customized to suit any preference. Give it a try and enjoy a delicious and satisfying breakfast!

Best Toppings for French Toast with Frozen Bread

French toast is a classic, comforting breakfast dish that’s perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. When made with frozen bread, it can be just as delicious as when made with fresh bread. To take your frozen bread French toast to the next level, try adding some toppings. Here are some great options:

  • Maple syrup and butter: This is the classic French toast topping, and for good reason. The sweet, syrupy flavor of the maple syrup pairs perfectly with the rich, buttery flavor of the toast.
  • Berries and cream: If you want something a little lighter, try adding some fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream. The tartness of the berries and the sweetness of the cream make a great contrast to the rich, eggy bread.
  • Cinnamon sugar: For a simple, but delicious topping, sprinkle some cinnamon sugar over the French toast. The warm, spicy flavor of the cinnamon pairs perfectly with the sweet, custardy bread.

Make Your Own Toppings

If you want to get creative, try making your own toppings. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Apple Compote: Sauté sliced apples in butter until soft and tender, then add a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar for a delicious, fruity topping to your French toast.

Pecan Praline: Mix chopped pecans with brown sugar and butter, and cook over medium heat until the mixture begins to bubble. Spoon over your French toast for a sweet and nutty topping.

Table of Toppings

Topping What it tastes like How to make it
Maple Syrup and Butter Sweet and rich Drizzle maple syrup and add a pat of butter to the French toast
Berries and Cream Tart and sweet Add fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream to the French toast
Cinnamon Sugar Warm and spicy Mix cinnamon and sugar together and sprinkle over the French toast
Apple Compote Fruity and sweet Sauté sliced apples in butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar
Pecan Praline Nutty and sweet Mix chopped pecans with brown sugar and butter, cook until bubbly and spoon over French toast

With these toppings, your frozen bread French toast will be the best breakfast you’ve had all week. Enjoy!

How to Store Leftover French Toast with Frozen Bread?

One of the best things about French toast is its versatility. You can make it in so many different ways using a variety of ingredients. However, if you’ve made too much or you want to save some for later, you may be wondering how to store leftover French toast with frozen bread. Here are some tips:

  • Wrap the leftover French toast in a layer of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Make sure it’s tightly sealed to prevent air from getting in and drying out the bread.
  • Place the wrapped French toast slices in an airtight container or a zip-top freezer bag. This will help to keep them fresh and prevent freezer burn.
  • If you’re using a container, make sure to leave some space at the top for expansion as the bread will tend to expand when it freezes.

Once you’ve stored your leftover French toast properly, you can freeze it for up to a month. It’s important to label the container or freezer bag with the date so you know when it was frozen.

When you’re ready to eat the leftover French toast, there are a few ways to prepare it:

  • Defrost the French toast in the refrigerator overnight. Once it’s defrosted, you can reheat it in the microwave, oven, or on a stovetop. The microwave is the quickest and easiest option, but it may leave the bread soggy. The oven or stovetop will take a bit longer but can help to restore the crispy texture of the bread.
  • You can also reheat frozen French toast directly in the toaster or toaster oven. Simply place the frozen slices in the toaster and toast on a low setting until heated through and crispy.

Overall, storing leftover French toast with frozen bread is a great way to minimize food waste and enjoy your favorite breakfast dish whenever you want. Just make sure to follow these tips for proper storage and reheating to ensure that your leftover French toast is just as delicious as the day you made it.

Other Recipes to Make with Frozen Bread.

While French toast is a great recipe to make with frozen bread, there are many other delicious dishes you can create with slices that have been pre-frozen.

  • Grilled cheese – Swap out fresh bread for frozen slices. Add cheese and grill until crispy.
  • Panzanella salad – Cut thawed slices into cubes and toss with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, and vinaigrette for a refreshing summer salad.
  • Bread pudding – Frozen bread can be used as a substitute for stale bread when making bread pudding.
  • Crostini – Toast frozen bread and top with your favorite toppings, like prosciutto, mozzarella, and tomatoes for a quick and easy appetizer.
  • Bread crumbs – Grind thawed slices in a food processor to make breadcrumbs for coating chicken or fish.
  • Pizza crust – Roll out thawed bread slices and use as a pizza crust. Top with your favorite toppings and bake in the oven.
  • Stuffing – Frozen bread can be used in stuffing recipes as a substitute for stale bread.
  • Breaded chicken – Use frozen bread crumbs when breading chicken for extra crispy texture.
  • Croutons – Cube thawed bread slices and toast in the oven for homemade croutons to add to soups and salads.
  • Garlic bread – Spread sliced thawed bread with garlic butter and bake in the oven for a perfect side dish.


The next time you find yourself with a loaf of frozen bread, don’t just settle for French toast. Try out some of these other delicious recipes and enjoy the versatility of frozen bread slices.