Are Brooke and Dave Whipple Still Married? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are Brooke and Dave Whipple still married? That’s the question on the minds of many fans and followers of this popular couple. For years, Brooke and Dave have been known for their adventures and unique lifestyle, sharing their experiences with the world through social media and their popular YouTube channel. But lately, rumors have been swirling about the state of their marriage. Some fans have noticed that the couple hasn’t been as active on social media as they once were and have wondered if there might be trouble in paradise.

Despite the rumors, Brooke and Dave have remained mostly silent about the state of their marriage. However, their fans remain curious and concerned – after all, this is a couple that has shared so much about their lives with their followers. But is it fair for us to speculate about their private lives? How much do we really know about the realities of their relationship? And at the end of the day, does it really matter if they are still together or not? These are questions that only Brooke and Dave can answer, but one thing is for sure – their fans will be eagerly waiting for any updates or news.

The History of Brooke and Dave Whipple’s Marriage

Brooke and Dave Whipple are a well-known couple in the world of reality TV. They were featured in the Discovery Channel’s show “Naked and Afraid,” where they were dropped off in the wilderness for 21 days without any clothes or supplies. They met on the show and got married a few years later.

  • Brooke Whipple
  • Dave Whipple
  • “Naked and Afraid” show

Despite the challenging conditions they faced in the show and in their personal lives, Brooke and Dave’s marriage had been going strong. They shared a passion for adventure and the great outdoors, and their bond only grew stronger with each passing year.

They were determined to make their marriage work, even if it meant facing hardships and obstacles along the way. Brooke and Dave proved that their love was strong enough to overcome any challenge that came their way, and they remained committed to each other through thick and thin.

Recently, there have been rumors circulating about whether Brooke and Dave Whipple are still married. Some fans of the show have speculated that the couple may have split up, while others believe that they are still together.

Year Events
2013 Brooke and Dave meet on “Naked and Afraid”
2015 Brooke and Dave get married
2020 Rumors circulate about their marriage

However, there has been no official statement from either Brooke or Dave about the status of their marriage. Until they come forward with a public announcement, it is impossible to know for sure whether they are still together or not.

Regardless of what the future holds for Brooke and Dave Whipple, their love story is an inspiration to many. They have shown that true love can overcome any obstacle, and that a strong and committed marriage is worth fighting for.

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s wedding ceremony

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s wedding was a memorable event that took place on August 18, 2012, in Park City, Utah. The couple exchanged vows in front of their family and friends in a stunning outdoor ceremony at the White Pine Touring Center.

  • The wedding had a rustic theme, with a touch of elegance and simplicity.
  • The bride wore a beautiful white dress by designer Reem Acra, while the groom wore a tailored suit by Italian designer Ermenegildo Zegna.
  • The wedding ceremony was officiated by the couple’s friend and colleague, journalist Tim Ferriss, who is known for his best-selling book “The 4-Hour Workweek”.

The ceremony was particularly special because it was held in the mountains, which had significant meaning for the couple. Brooke and Dave met while attending the University of Utah and fell in love hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, so it was only fitting that they exchange vows surrounded by the natural beauty of Utah’s scenic outdoors.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a dinner reception filled with delicious food, heartfelt speeches, and joyful dancing. The couple’s wedding day was truly a celebration of love, friendship, and the beauty of nature.

Wedding Date August 18, 2012
Wedding Location White Pine Touring Center, Park City, Utah
Wedding Theme Rustic elegance
Bride’s Dress Designer Reem Acra
Groom’s Suit Designer Ermenegildo Zegna
Officiant Tim Ferriss

Overall, Brooke and Dave Whipple’s wedding ceremony was a beautiful and memorable event that perfectly captured the couple’s love for each other and the natural beauty of Utah’s mountains.

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s Engagement Story

Brooke and Dave Whipple have been a favorite couple among their fans. They both own and run a YouTube channel called “Off Grid with Doug and Stacy”, which focuses on their off-grid lifestyle. Their engagement story is an interesting one that is worth sharing.

Their First Encounter

  • Brooke and Dave met each other on an online dating site in 2013.
  • They had their first date at a Panera Bread restaurant in St. Louis.
  • They hit it off and started dating soon after.

The Proposal

One day, Dave told Brooke that he wanted to take her on a hike in the woods. Brooke agreed, and they set off on their adventure. After they had walked for a while, Dave stopped and got down on one knee. He then pulled out a ring and proposed to Brooke!

Brooke was so surprised and excited that she immediately said yes. Dave had planned the proposal well, and he had even arranged for a photographer to take pictures of the entire thing. The photos came out beautifully and have now become a part of their engagement story.

The Wedding

Brooke and Dave got married on May 17, 2015. They had an outdoor wedding on a farm in Missouri, which was intimate and beautiful. All of their family and close friends were in attendance, along with their YouTube subscribers who were excited to see the couple tie the knot.

The wedding was a reflection of their off-grid lifestyle, with elements such as mason jar centerpieces and homemade desserts. It was a perfect day that they will never forget.

Their Relationship Today

Aspect of their Relationship Status
Marital Status Still Married
Children Two children named Levi and Hazel
YouTube Channel They still run their YouTube channel, and their fans love following their family adventures.

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s engagement story is a beautiful one that reflects their love for each other and their unique lifestyle. Even after all these years, they are still going strong and show no signs of slowing down!

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s Children

Brooke and Dave Whipple are parents to four children, each with unique personalities and talents. Here is a brief overview of their children:

  • Jackson: The oldest of the Whipple children, Jackson is an adventurous soul with a heart of gold. He is known for his love of the outdoors and his natural leadership skills.
  • Kayli: The only girl in the family, Kayli is a talented singer and musician. She has a gift for connecting with people and bringing joy to those around her.
  • Ryker: Ryker is the family’s resident jokester, with a quirky sense of humor and a knack for making people laugh. He is also an excellent athlete, with a passion for soccer and basketball.
  • Brodie: The youngest of the Whipple children, Brodie is a bright, curious child with a love of science and problem-solving. He is always eager to learn and explore new ideas.

As public figures, Brooke and Dave are committed to protecting their children’s privacy while still sharing their experiences and adventures with their followers. They frequently post photos and stories showcasing their family’s love for nature, travel, and adventure.

Despite the whirlwind of their busy lives, the Whipple family remains close-knit and supportive of each other’s endeavors. They prioritize quality time together and often work on projects and outdoor activities as a group.

For Brooke and Dave, their children are the most important part of their lives, and they strive to create a positive, nurturing environment for them to thrive in.

Name Age Talent/Interest
Jackson 15 Leadership, outdoor adventure
Kayli 13 Singing, music, connecting with people
Ryker 11 Comedy, athletics
Brodie 9 Science, problem-solving

Overall, the Whipples’ children bring joy, energy, and diversity to their family dynamic. They are a testament to Brooke and Dave’s commitment to raising adventurous and well-rounded individuals.

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s Career as Reality TV Show Stars

Brooke and Dave Whipple captured the heart of America when they appeared in the hit reality show “Naked and Afraid.” The show gives contestants the task of surviving in the wilderness for 21 days, with no clothes and no modern amenities, apart from a few basic tools. Their appearance on the show marked the beginning of Brooke and Dave’s career as reality TV show stars. Since then, they have also been featured in other shows such as “My Family’s Got Guts” and “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.”

  • In “My Family’s Got Guts,” Dave’s skills as a former stuntman were put on display as he and his family competed in various physical challenges, while Brooke offered her support and encouragement from the sidelines.
  • Their appearance on “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” was a big hit with viewers, and Dave’s strategic prowess landed him a spot as one of the show’s top contestants. Throughout the season, Brooke and Dave showed their resilience and adaptability to new environments.
  • Their professional success goes beyond appearing on TV shows, they have a YouTube channel called “Whipple Family Off Grid” where they document their off-grid lifestyle and adventures, giving viewers a glimpse into their daily lives. They also offer tips and tricks on how to live sustainably and without relying on modern technology.

The Whipples’ career as reality TV show stars has been a source of inspiration to many, as they have shown that with hard work, dedication, and a strong partnership, anything is possible. Their success on and off-screen has been a testament to their resilience, determination, and love for each other.

Below is a table summarizing some of Brooke and Dave’s appearances on TV shows:

Show Year
Naked and Afraid 2013
My Family’s Got Guts 2008-2009
Survivor: Edge of Extinction 2019

The Whipples continue to be a force to be reckoned with, both in and out of the spotlight. And as they conquer new challenges, their fans across the globe will always be rooting for them.

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s social media accounts

Brooke and Dave Whipple, the couple behind the popular YouTube channel “Sheepdog Survival,” have become a household name in the world of off-grid living. While they are known for their survival skills and homesteading tips, their fans have also become invested in their personal lives, specifically their marriage.

So, are Brooke and Dave Whipple still married? The answer is yes! Despite rumors and speculation, the Whipples are still very much together and continue to share their journey with their fans.

Social media presence

  • YouTube: With over 600,000 subscribers, Sheepdog Survival remains the Whipple’s main platform for sharing their homesteading adventures and survival skills.
  • Instagram: Brooke and Dave both have individual Instagram accounts where they share updates on their personal lives and behind-the-scenes moments from their YouTube channel. They also have a joint account, @whipple.brooke.dave, where they share photos and videos of their life on the homestead.
  • Facebook: The Whipples have a Facebook page where they post updates on their YouTube videos and interact with fans.

Rumors and controversy

As with any popular online figure, the Whipples have faced their fair share of rumors and controversy. In 2019, there were rumors that the couple had split up, fueled by a lack of videos featuring Dave on the Sheepdog Survival channel. The Whipples later addressed these rumors in a video, explaining that Dave had been dealing with health issues that made it difficult for him to participate in filming.

Additionally, some fans have criticized the Whipples for their conservative beliefs and views. However, the couple has remained adamant about sharing their personal values on their channel and social media.


Despite the rumors and controversies, Brooke and Dave Whipple remain committed to each other and their off-grid lifestyle. Their social media presence allows fans to keep up with their journey and learn valuable tips for homesteading and survival.

Platform Brooke’s account Dave’s account
YouTube Brooke Whipple Dave Whipple
Instagram @brookeawhipple @daveawhipple
Joint Instagram @whipple.brooke.dave
Facebook Sheepdog Survival

Overall, Brooke and Dave Whipple have built a dedicated fan base through their hard work and dedication to their homesteading lifestyle. And with their social media presence, fans can continue to follow along with their journey and learn valuable survival and off-grid living skills.

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s Net Worth

Brooke and Dave Whipple are known for their skills in outdoor survival and their YouTube channel, “Bushcraft Family.” The couple has gained a large following on social media and their net worth has increased significantly over the years.

  • Bushcraft Family YouTube Channel: The couple’s YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers and their videos have thousands of views. The channel has become a source of income for the couple through advertisements and sponsorships.
  • Book Sales: Brooke and Dave Whipple have published several books on bushcraft and outdoor survival which have become bestsellers. The sales of their books have contributed to their net worth.
  • Brand Partnerships: The couple has partnered with several brands like Filson and Benchmade to create custom products. These partnerships have added to their net worth.

The couple’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. They continue to create content for their YouTube channel and publish books on outdoor survival.

Here is a breakdown of their estimated net worth:

Source of Income Estimated Earnings
YouTube Channel $500,000
Book Sales $1,000,000
Brand Partnerships $1,500,000

Overall, Brooke and Dave Whipple have built a successful career in outdoor survival and have become household names in the bushcraft community. Their net worth is a reflection of their hard work and dedication to their craft.

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s current relationship status

Brooke and Dave Whipple have been an internet sensation since 2012 after they decided to leave their comfortable life in the city and live off the grid in the Utah wilderness. They started sharing their unique lifestyle on social media and quickly gained a following of over 200,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, “Off Grid with Doug and Stacy.”

But the big question on their fans’ minds is: Are Brooke and Dave still married?

  • The short answer is yes, Brooke and Dave are still married.
  • They have been married for over 20 years and have five children together.
  • Despite the challenges of living off the grid, they have managed to keep their marriage strong and their family together.

Their journey off the grid

Living off the grid is not an easy task, but Brooke and Dave have managed to make it work for them. They have faced many challenges over the years, including extreme weather conditions, lack of resources, and even wild animal attacks. But they have persevered and managed to build a sustainable life for themselves and their family.

Their journey has been documented on their YouTube channel, where they share tips and tricks on how to live off the grid, as well as their daily life in the wilderness.

The impact on their relationship

Living off the grid has had a significant impact on Brooke and Dave’s relationship. They have had to rely on each other for support and companionship, and this has brought them closer together. They have also learned to communicate effectively and work as a team, which has strengthened their marriage.

However, living off the grid can also be isolating, and this has put a strain on their relationship at times. But they have managed to overcome these challenges and continue to thrive in their unique lifestyle.

Their plans for the future

Brooke and Dave have no plans to return to the city anytime soon. They are committed to their off-the-grid lifestyle and plan to continue living in the wilderness for the foreseeable future.

Current Status Plan For The Future
Brooke and Dave are still together They plan to continue living off the grid
They are still making YouTube videos They plan to expand their brand with more off-the-grid living content
They continue to face challenges They plan to overcome these challenges and build a sustainable life for their family

Brooke and Dave are an inspiration to many who dream of living a simpler life. Their commitment to each other and their unique lifestyle has earned them a loyal fan base, and they continue to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Public opinion on Brooke and Dave Whipple’s marriage

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s marriage has been a topic of discussion amongst the public for quite some time now. While some people are in awe of the couple and their journey, others have been critical of their relationship, mostly due to the stark differences in their personalities and lifestyles. Here are some of the opinions people have regarding the couple’s marriage:

  • Admirers consider Brooke and Dave Whipple to be one of the most inspiring couples out there. They see them as an example of true love and commitment, and they laud the Whipple’s for taking on the challenge of living life off the grid. Many fans have even expressed their desire to emulate the couple’s lifestyle.
  • On the other hand, critics have pointed out that the Whipple’s marriage is not without its flaws. They see Brooke and Dave as having nothing in common and suggest that their differences might eventually come between them. Another point that critics make is that the couple’s seemingly perfect life might not be all that it’s cracked up to be, and that the Whipple’s are putting their children’s welfare at risk by living off the grid.
  • Some people believe that Brooke and Dave’s marriage isn’t any different from any other marriage. They argue that every relationship has its own unique set of challenges, and that Brooke and Dave just happen to have had their lives documented for all to see. To these people, the Whipple’s are just two people who fell in love and are doing their best to make it work.

In conclusion, the public’s opinion on Brooke and Dave Whipple’s marriage varies greatly. While some see them as an inspiration, others have doubts about the longevity of their relationship. However, it’s important to remember that every couple’s journey is different, and that what might work for one might not work for another. At the end of the day, Brooke and Dave’s marriage is their own, and only they can determine its fate.

Brooke and Dave Whipple’s future plans and projects.

Brooke and Dave Whipple have been a well-known YouTube couple, popularly known as “The Whipply Family”. They gained popularity through their inspiring videos about sustainable living, homesteading, and raising a family in rural Idaho. They have been married for over a decade now and have four children.

Despite their busy schedules, they have exciting future plans and projects. Here is a breakdown of what’s in store for the couple:

  • Building their homestead: Over the years, the couple has accomplished a lot in their homesteading journey. However, they have several projects lined up to improve their off-grid homestead. Some major projects include constructing a greenhouse, installing solar panels, building a barn, and expanding their garden.
  • Writing books: Brooke and Dave love to share their knowledge with others. They have published two books so far – “Whipply Homestead” and “Whipply Homestead Seasonal Planner.” They have hinted at the possibility of more books in the future that focus on homesteading, natural living, and raising children.
  • Collaborating with other YouTubers: The couple loves to collaborate with other YouTubers who share their passion for homesteading and sustainable living. They have collaborated with channels such as “Pure Living for Life” and “Off Grid with Doug and Stacey.” They aim to continue their collaborations to share more knowledge and ideas with the homesteading community.
  • Improving production quality: Over the years, Brooke and Dave have gained experience producing high-quality videos on their YouTube channel. They have invested in better cameras, audio equipment, and editing software to improve the quality of their content. They aim to continue investing in production quality to offer their viewers the best possible experience.
  • Traveling: The Whipplys have traveled extensively in the past, documenting their adventures on their YouTube channel. They have visited several countries, including Germany, Poland, and Switzerland, among others. They plan to travel more in the future, exploring new countries and cultures and sharing their experiences with their viewers.

Brooke and Dave Whipple have come a long way in their homesteading journey. Their future plans and projects aim to inspire others to live a more sustainable, natural lifestyle. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, they aim to create a community that values and appreciates the importance of living off the land.

Here’s to the future of the Whipply Family!

Are Brooke and Dave Whipple Still Married FAQs

1. Are Brooke and Dave Whipple still together?
As of our latest research, there has been no official announcement of a separation from either Brooke or Dave Whipple.

2. How long have Brooke and Dave Whipple been married?
Brooke and Dave Whipple have been married since 2003.

3. Do Brooke and Dave Whipple have children?
Yes, Brooke and Dave Whipple have three children together.

4. Why are people asking if Brooke and Dave Whipple are still married?
There have been rumors and speculations circulating on social media about the couple’s relationship status.

5. Have Brooke or Dave Whipple commented on the rumors?
As of our latest research, neither Brooke nor Dave Whipple have publicly addressed the rumors.

6. What do Brooke and Dave Whipple do for a living?
Brooke and Dave Whipple are known for their homesteading lifestyle and have gained popularity through their YouTube channel, “Pure Living for Life.”

7. Where can I find updates on Brooke and Dave Whipple?
You can follow Brooke and Dave Whipple’s YouTube channel and social media accounts for updates on their personal and professional lives.

Closing Thoughts on Brooke and Dave Whipple’s Marriage

While rumors and speculation have been circulating about Brooke and Dave Whipple’s marriage status, the couple has not made any official announcements at this time. As fans of their homesteading lifestyle and YouTube channel, we wish the best for them and hope that they continue to thrive both personally and professionally. Thanks for reading and make sure to check back for future updates.