10+ Plugin AI Terbaik di ChatGPT untuk Meningkatkan Pengalaman Chat Anda di Tahun 2023

The article discusses various plugins that can be used with ChatGPT, an AI chatbot. These plugins include OpenTable for booking tables at restaurants, Wolfram for advanced computational and mathematical data, Zapier for streamlining repetitive tasks, Kayak for booking flights and hotels, Link Reader for deciphering linked material, Speak for language learning, Instacart for suggesting dishes and drinks and facilitating real-time purchases, MixerBox for generating music playlists, Show Me for generating real-time diagrams, LikeWise for finding new podcasts, World News for displaying global news articles, Chess for playing chess against ChatGPT, Chance for finding local nonprofits, and Browsing Plugin for searching the web. The article provides a brief overview of each plugin’s features and how they can be useful.

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